Delivery (+381 64 479 4715)

Marukoshi now delivers to your home or office throughout many parts of Belgrade. Outside of Dorcol and Stari Grad, we unfortunately have to have a minimum charge as we have very limited capacity for delivery. This may change in the near future. We are a growing but small company and need to limit our expenses according to our capacity. Feel free to call us for more information.

Delivery takes place between noon 12:00h and 22:30h, and orders are accepted from 11:00h until 22:00h. Simply call the number above, tell us your address and order, and we will be happy to deliver to you for free. Deliver usually takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour. This will likely increase depending on how far you are from us and how much traffic there is in the city.

To see the minimum orders, please find your neighborhood on the list below. If your neighborhood is not on the list, we are unfortunately not delivering there currently and apologise for the inconvenience at this time.

No Minimum:
Dorcol, Stari Grad

1.500 Minimum:
Vracar, Karaburma, Palilula-uzi deo, Savski venac-uzi deo, Beograd na vodi, Usce, Staro sajmiste, Sava centar, Dunavski kej, Arena, Akademija, Gazela

2.200 Minimum
Dusanovac, Zvezdara, Senjak, Pariske komune, Fontana, Studentski grad, Stari aerodrom, Savski kej

3.000 Minimum
Konjarnik, Mirijevo, Vozdovac, Dedinje, Banovo Brdo